Team Around the Child

The Team Around the Child (TAC) is the approach used throughout the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) and other assessment processes in Nottingham. It offers a consistent approach for professionals working with children who may need extra help, including children with disabilities or complex needs.

The underlying principles of the Team Around the Child model are:

  • the child’s needs must come first;
  • the child’s welfare is everyone’s responsibility;
  • all services work together for the benefit of the child;
  • the parents’/carers’ rights must be considered and inform the process.

Where a multi-agency response is required, the formation of a TAC brings together professionals from across different services that work together to co-ordinate and deliver an integrated package of support to meet the identified needs of the child or young person. Needs are usually identified through the CAF process. It is vital that the child or young person and their parents or carers are included as a key part of the TAC.