Screen and triage

All referrals will be screened and triaged to ensure that the right care is delivered by the right service in a timely manner. All referrals will be logged onto a database for the SPA as soon as they are received by the SPA team.

The service advisors will acknowledge, screen and process all referrals that come through the SPA on a daily basis. There will be a child and adolescent mental health services manager or a clinical mental health specialist in the SPA to oversee all referrals that come in on a daily basis and ensure they are correctly screened and assessed for risk and/or safeguarding concerns.

Decisions about allocation to services will be based on the complexity of presenting needs and symptoms.

Examples of where referrals may be directed include:

  • child and adolescent mental health services,
  • universal or targeted services,
  • paediatric services,
  • the children and young people’s behavioural or emotional health team.

Any urgent and acute mental health referrals are shared directly to colleagues within specialist child and adolescent mental health services after discussion with the appropriate specialist leads.