Support plans should be robustly evaluated. When evaluating a support plan, the pathway coordinator should consider:

  • What were the original concerns?
  • What were the goals identified in the support plan?
  • Have the interventions been effective?
  • Has there been an improvement in regard to the original concerns?
  • Has the support plan had an impact on the frequency and duration of concerning behaviours?
  • Has the support plan had a positive impact on family, education and/or activities of daily living?
  • If goals have not been achieved, reflect on reasons for this. Were the goals set by the service user? Was the intervention suitable in supporting achieving goal? Were the original goals SMART(Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound).

To ensure that support plans are effectively evaluated, information may be gathered by liaising with other services working with the child or young person. This may include schools and education support services, health services, family support services, social care services, and youth and play services.

Information can be shared through the CAF process. Please ensure that there is consent to share information.