Throughout the pathway the pathway coordinator remains key to ensuring that:

  • the stages of the pathway and support plans are coordinated,
  • the child or young person and their families does not have to unnecessary share repetitive information,
  • the child or young person and their family remain integral to all decision making.

Once a referral has been received by the CYP BEH team, the nurse specialists will meet twice weekly to discuss the complexity of the referral. The pathway coordinator may be contacted and discussions will include behavioural and emotional symptoms, social setting, and duration of difficulties.

For those referrals best placed to receive services from the CYP BEH team, a ‘choice’ appointment will be offered. The choice appointment forms an initial assessment and uses the CAF and Team Around the Child (TAC) frameworks. The aim of the choice appointment is to identify the specific needs of the child/young person.

A support plan will be made identifying the child’s or young person’s (and their parents or carers) goal based outcomes. Support plans will be varied, including direct work with the CYP BEH team as well as support from other services in Nottingham, which may include services for further assessment or more specialist intervention.