Support may include:

  • Undertaking pre-assessment work that may be required prior to a specialist clinical assessment and supporting access to a specialist clinical assessment;
  • Delivering parenting programmes which will include:
    • 123 Magic, a four-week course for parents of children up to 12 years
    • Cygnet, a six-week programme for parents of children with a diagnosis of autism
    • New Forest six-week programme offering two courses one for parents of pre-school children with ADHD symptoms (pre diagnosis) and another for parents of children aged 5-12 who have an ADHD diagnosis.
    • Sleep programme – a five-week parenting course for parents of children who have comorbidities of neuro developmental concerns.
  • Delivering one-to-one work with children over the age of we diagnosed with ADHD or ASD using evidence-based strategies that are recommended by NICE including cognitive behavioural therapy.
  • Supporting access to targeted or universal services and reviewing the effectiveness of this support.