Further planning

The Children and Young People’s Behavioural and Emotional Health Team (CYP BEH Team) undertakes further work with the child or young person, their parents or carers, where it is not clear where children and young people’s needs are best managed. This may include further work for children and young people where there are concerns about possible ASD or ADHD.

Step 1: Plan

  • In some cases it may not be initially clear where children and young people’s needs are best managed.
  • The CYP BEH Team works with the pathway coordinator, the child or young person and their parents or carers to develop a support plan with outcomes in line with presenting needs.

Step 2: Implement

  • Interventions are delivered, which may include work from the CYP BEH Team or from universal or specialist services (e.g. CAMHS, paediatricians).
  • Pre-assessment work may be completed by the CYP BEH Team

Step 3: Evaluate

  • Appropriate time is allowed for the impact of interventions to be evaluated
  • The support plan is reviewed by the CYP BEH Team, in conjunction with the pathway coordinator, and interventions and outcomes are evaluated.

Support may then be complete and the child or young person supported to de-escalate to universal services OR the child or young person may be supported to access services from targeted or specialist services OR the CYP BEH Team may support the development of an ongoing support plan including further interventions and support from the CYP BEH Team.

Remember: Consider safeguarding needs throughout