How will the pathway be implemented?

A pathway coordinator will be identified. This will be a professional from universal services who is in direct and regular contact with the child or young person. The pathway coordinator may change to the most appropriate professional over the course of the pathway dependent on the child or young person’s needs.

NHS Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group has commissioned a service called Children and Young People’s Behavioural and Emotional Health (CYP BEH) to support the implementation of the pathway.

This service will:

  • provide training and development for professionals working with children, young people and families across Nottingham City to help them use the pathway;
  • act as a contact/consultation point for advice and information to those using the pathway;
  • support universal services to deliver early interventions and support strategies where appropriate;
  • be integrated within the existing Nottingham City Single Point of Access (SPA) for children and young people with behavioural, emotional or mental health needs and support triage of referrals in line with the pathway;
  • undertake direct work with appropriate children and young people by:
    • providing parenting and family support interventions where appropriate;
    • gathering further information;
    • undertaking pre-assessment work that may be required prior to a specialist clinical assessment
    • determining where further assessment is required;
    • supporting on-going packages of care during and after any further assessment and treatment;
    • delivering evidence-based interventions;
    • coordinating transition to adulthood and/or adult services (where appropriate);
    • working in partnership with behavioural, emotional and mental health services across Nottingham City.

The CYP BEH Team can be contacted by clicking here.